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Fishing report August 2019, Puerto Escondido.

Due to a lack of rain a lot of lagoons closed again and the roosters stay out of reach for the moment. Some  surf spinning days were really good around high tide and all in all Ruben and I had fun.  I tried to find the fish really close in  the rocks with the Texas rig, Ruben (who lives 30 km. more to the north) only used his Rubylures casting jig. Both of us had a mix of good and bad days but we really can’t complain. I changed my strategy and I try to catch a fish in the morning around high tide in my backyard, Ruben starts at daybreak.  I’m still on the hunt for a good sized rooster but close to home now at walking distance.  Unfortunately it’s too dry for the time of the year but some rain is on his way and it only can get better.

Some more info about  the RUBYLURES can be found here.

I had a nice surprise 2 weeks ago : in a big tide pool a snook (robalo) couldn’t resist my softbait, the 8 pounder gave a nice fight and was landed after some “sweaty” moments. This snook ended up in our kitchen and was prepared bij chef José.  Delicious !!!

Enjoy the slide show :


Dicover our new lagoon experience !

Robalo, de Pacifieke zeebaarsIn collaboration with Casa Kalani, Casa Blanquis offers a unique experience in and around the lagoon of Manialtepec. With a maximum of 2 guests we go early to explore and fish with the kayak, combined with the motorized canoe,the lagoon of Manialtepec. This experience is unique in its kind and allows guests to enjoy the beautiful nature and mystical surroundings in peace. There is angling in the lagoon itself in the vicinity of the boarding point La Alejandria and in the river around Puerto Suelo where a drink is offered. Beach spinning rods are available to search for a rooster or jack crevalle at favorable tide. Upon returning to La Alejandria, guests are offered a lunch. This experience can be booked through Airbnb or directly via an Email to casablanquis@casablanquis.com

The necessary material is available with the exception of the fly rod. Ruben and I are thinking about making this way of fishing available in the future, but that will take a year to go, we fear. Guests can of course always bring their own equipment.

A nice impression of the lagoon and the beach in Puerto Suelo can be found here

Until the lagoon!