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A Valentines rooster for buddy Ruben

valentijn roosterAfter a difficult, tough lagoon session and despite the bad tide (low tide), we still spent 2 hours for beach angling. Not for nothing because out of the blue fishmate Ruben caught a nice rooster Despite 1 defective Gopro still some footage:

Congratulations for your efforts buddy, the Rubylures did it again!

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Inshore fishing in the Pacific Ocean, an exceptional season!

During Adri’s visit, it was unbelievable how nature determines the rules, but in spite of that, we enjoyed the 4 inshore / big game trips with SurfandFishing Charters. Jack op de sharkyAfter the first day it became clear that the roosterfish wasn’t hungry. We “worked” for hours and finally only a few heavy jacks and 1 small pez gallo came on board. It was good for me that just that one rooster was caught on my trusted sharky but the result of hours and hours of casting was very disappointing to me. Worse to me: on the known pargo spot at Roca Blanca, I managed to loose a monster snapper :  a brutal hit on a blue / silver Stephen Jansen popper (my fishing rod was almost ripped out of my hand) and ….the line snapped (80lb braided!). As a matter of fact, I’m missing out on a record fish, those heavy snappers become the black beasts for me. Please watch the video of our first fishing day:

Day 2 was actually tougher, we chose a very different spot that day, but we did not even make it  to our “roosterbeach”. Cloudy water on the way to that hot spot and countless fruitless attempts  promised a tougher day. Painful muscles and no action after hours, you would be less desperate. Crisis consultation with Levi resulted in a complete turnaround: we left the inshore stretches and started again at about 8 miles in search of driftwood and the associated fish species such as mahi mahi, amberjack and / or smaller sharks. We found a small shrub with some other driftwood  and it was truly incredible what we saw: hundreds or thousands almost fresh born dorado’s (4-6 months old) blasted underneeth the boat. Fish from a few months old (around 20 cm.) and a few meters deeper small amberjacks and even bigger dorados. There were so many little fish that our light pilkers could not reach the bigger ones. We enjoyed the picture and the greed of the little mahi mahi’s. After some small fish we found it sufficient and went for dolphins and the associated yellowfin tuna. I had 2 well-catching HALCO LASER PRO 190 plugs in the bag in case of, so that couldn’t go wrong. In front of Tomatal we eventually found feeding dolphins but weird, yellow fin tunaLevi advised to cast at the tuna we saw on the fishfinder with the Williamson Thunderjig. I have to admit that I have never caught a tuna casting with jigs but it has to be the first time for everything, so why not ?  The boat was well positioned and 2 jigs crashed 100 meters further into the water. Fast reeling resulted in a hard strike after a few meters. Unbelievably what a force or power tuna of 6 – 8 kg, develops, so top-sport and we enjoyed it. After 5 tuna we left the area, 3 for the captain and 2 for ourselves was more than enough to have some super fresh sashimi at home. A tough inshore day got a nice end, a video about day 2 comes later in a next report