Adios – bye – auf wiedersehn – ….

Adios – See you – Au revoir – Tot ziens – Auf wiedersehen – Addio


Sorry friends, I only can write this last post in English. Emotions can’t be translated.

There is a time to be and a time to go of course , strange, I’m getting award of that ! You also will experience that another “time” will appear, a time you want to swallow the past,  let it go ! Enjoy life !  You only live once, never forget that, I didn’t .

No grudges, no regrets, I went for it and I hope many of you will do so.

We have or “live” the Mexican dream, not that easy but doable and we hope some of you guys will do the same.

Anyway a big “dank u wel” for our family, friends, guests we love you and we always will take care of you . will go ofline,  maybe an eBook will become online, who knows. Love you guys !

Thanks Ruben and Afrwith you guys we”ll never walk alone !



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