Rubylures, you should have some in your tacklebox

Years ago I started making some surface lures, like the Sharky and plastic soft baits.  A few years ago I met Ruben who started making casting jigs which he called Rubylures.  Today Ruben and I only fish with our handmade lures/shads and the results are really good. Rubylures We make all our stuff by hand, work together and have a lot of fun catching fish with our handmade lures.  I also did some comparing tests in the past and I must say that price/quality/availability in Mexico only 1 brand has a spot in both our tackle boxes besides our handmate stuff : the excellent Stephen Janssen lures   which also do their job and sometimes make the difference.

Rubylures isn’t a commercial brand and we really don’t sell our handmade lures,  although to recover our costs (material/paint) we offer from time to time some items.  Just send us a message via whatsapp +52 1 954 159 0357 and we’ll see what we can do. The purpose for both of us is to fish and fish and fish and…….



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