The King of the international sailfish tournaments in Mexico


Another month to go and Puerto Escondido is turned upside down for 3 days. Then the 30th. edition of the annual international sailfish tournament is organised and together with Bart, Ed, Guy, SurfandFishing Charters and myself we participate this year , as mixed team of 3 nationalities.

To my knowledge this never happened before on this tournament but it must be the first time for everything.
A really special experience, especially since the local club of Puerto Escondido made serious efforts to promote the C & R. A second scoop next to the C & R of the sailfish is the beautiful prize table in cash money. No more pick-up trucks, cars, quads but more than a 2 million pesos (more than 100,000 euros) to distribute among the different winners. Main prize remains the heaviest sailfish and most releases of sailfish, but also for the marlin, dorado and tuna there is a serious prize pool.

I am really curious how my guests are going to experience this, it is a difficult and exhausting game but for our entire team it is still super heavy because the boys go fishing for 7 days with Levi from SurfandFishing Charters inshore before the tournament. Casting for rooster, jack, dorado, pargo is then alternated with jigging at varying depths (50 – 80 meters) so dosing becomes very important.