Casa Blanquis on the move: new bungalow under construction

Casa Blanquis expands with a first extra new holiday residence on a lot just in front of our house. After the well was excavated last month, we started this week with the construction of a bungalow with 2 bedrooms, each with a king size bed, kitchenette, complete bathroom, small dining area and private parking. Casa BlanquisThe intention is to have a 2nd unit on the same property and a communal swimming pool. At the end of October this year the first new bungalow will be fully operational, the swimming pool and the second house will be finished in the summer of 2019. The intention is to provide the 2 units with solar energy for daily use. The water pump for the well will be powered by a solar panel and we are still looking at the possibility to have it work completely independently on solar energy. Sun is certainly not a problem, pffttt, saving that eco-power could be.

Each bungalow can accommodate up to 4 people, the entire site is walled (privacy guaranteed) and the small exotic garden + swimming pool must guarantee a relaxing holiday at 2 minutes from the Pacific Ocean. Feel free to send an E-mail to for more information if you are interested in a tropical and relaxing holiday, we will answer the same day.