Guiding in Puerto Escondido and surroundings, a new challenge


colorfull palometta forr Liam
colorfull palometta for Liam

Guiding ¬†sometimes is frustrating but it can also be very enriching. Now and then everything falls into its fold and the satisfaction at those moments is great. The beautiful nature, lonely beaches and mystical lagoon provide an intense relaxation, the strong fish give you an adrenaline rush that you will never forget. I have experienced wonderful moments with Liam, my youngest visitor. Used to fish black bass but oh so impetuous, he went completely out of his mind when he spotted a huge school of jacks which were surfing in a high wave. At the first cast he already had a hit but by his eagerness costed him his jack. His own fault but after some explanation he did better, Liam was “calm” and learned his lesson: the second jack could be photographed after a nice fight.

During their short stay, Patty, Loel and Liam have shown me that the nature experience sometimes exceeds the angling and we will therefore work even more in the future to make our guests and friends enjoy all of this intensely. The kayaks and canoe are rented regularly, together with Ruben from Casa Kalani and myself we guide a maximum of 2 anglers for a day trip (lagoon and beach), a beautiful journey that really relaxes in a unique natural setting.

Watch the video below about my last guests staying in and around Puerto Escondido