The inshore trip of Ed and Guy disturbed by Calvin

Hola amigos,

Ed and Guy left Casa Blanquis yesterday afternoon and both men have safely landed on Schiphol. After 3 boat fishing days, an unforeseen break was planned as a second tropical depression landed in Huatulco. Calvin brought a lot of rain but was less violent than Beatriz which brought 3 days non-stop tropical rain before Ed and Guy’s arrival.

The first 3 fishing days were blowing the rake, looking for clear costal water and casting, casting … Just on that first day, Guy lost a possible trophy rooster, it just went of the hook after a short but fierce fight. Tuna catches saved that day, because of the natural phenomenon “la niña“, the coastal waters remain abnormally cold (22 ° C at present) and the large schools of hundreds of small yellowfin tuna still are in the costal waters at about 15-20 miles. For both boys, tunas are a nice catch but their interest was something different. Trolling is a too static fishery, casting with surface lures is totally different and o so addictive, especially after some spectacular hits on a little popper or surface lure. After the passage of the tropical storm depression another problem arose: the coastal water was brown, miles of coffee colored water, masses with rinsed trees, bushes, plastic, litter made it the fourth day of fishing really difficult. Again, they (with success) fished for the tuna, like it or not, that was the only productive style of fishing. Levi was really bored, visiting “pargo country” or “roosterbeach”, … all meaningless because the dirt now stretched out to 2 to 3 miles into the sea. This certainly ensures a top month in August, due to the “cold” water, theoretically, no hurricanes can develop and the coastal water will gradually recover. Dirt will bring mahi mahi and the rooster will enter the clear inshore water again.

Roca Blanca delivered a nice pargo and a hors-eye Jack for Guy,  a big needle fish for Ed, but despite the clear water they had to switch for the tuna again. This time with live bait and that gave very nice strikes and sport. By using circle hooks, the tuna can also be “seamlessly” released if desired. At least we have taken some, delicious both raw and fried.

The fifth fishing day brought about a complete turnaround, on the way to a lagoon exit, we suddenly encountered a lot of sardines, birds flew nerviously around and already at the first cast  Ed could fight a super jack. The animal weighed around 10 kg. and showed Ed all sides of the boat. Guy also caught the necessary fish and even some roosters were spotted. At the end of the fishing day both were satisfied and tired, but it was fun and we decided to leave at 6 o’clock the next morning so that we could fish this spot again in the morning.

The day after it was more complicated than expected, the same strip of water was now less clear and there was also less movement on the surface. But after a few casts a powerfull strike on Guy’s surface lure  “rooster, big rooster” Levi screamed and Guy hang in his fishing rod. Unfortunately  that beautiful rooster also went of the hook. Brute bad luck for our friend who would like to improve his 149cm PR rooster. In spite of the tough days, he lost 2 times a really heavy rooster, nothing broken, just loose, brutal bad luck. Every now and then a jack was captured, a short visit to Roca Blanca delivered nothing. On the way back Ed caught on the fast retrieved  sharky another small rooster and a few jacks but it was significantly less than the day before.

The material used was fine, lures (Halco Laser Pro Plugs, Halco poppers, Ballyhoo Stephen Janssen, Sharky) and rods/reels were top, only mother nature was contradictory and unfortunately then you are powerless. However, plans have already been made for a subsequent visit: Ed in April 2018, Guy in November (3-day biggame tournament?) Or ….

Thanks again for the nice company boys, we enjoyed as much of your stay as you guys! The video will follow and then … maybe a few days at “retreat” in Chacahua !

Hasta luego amigos!


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