Drone fishing with Casa Blanquis

Hola amigos,

Tony, my former Belgian fishing buddy, is visiting me and we had already a few boat fishing days. All in all, the first days were tough, a full moon and the continuous drought are uncomfortable for good catches. Also, the port was closed for 2 days because we had too much wind. A heavy tropical depression was developing in the Gulf of Tehuantepec but is now splitting into storm and rain zones. Last night we had the first rain since months and this trend is likely to continue so that the lagoons will soon break out. Open lagoons  cause more fish concentrations, so we can easily locate the roosters and heavy jacks. Tony had also several little roosters but the big boys are still too wide spread .  Another exceptional experience for this period of the year :  the yellow fin tuna is still around, not heavy ones, but we managed to catch 15 yellowfin tuna on 1 morning. Tony has lost a heavy tuna but had one of 11 kg. : painful arm muscles assured.

With Tony’s drone we also added a new dimension to the beach fishing : with a stone as ballast we fly a rigged “calamar” two hundred meters into the bay and we caught groupers and beautifully colored snappers. By the end of this year Mark will bring me such a device and I will continue experimenting with that. A short video about our first drone experience can be found here:

Tomorrow we will go back with the boat and also the kayak will be used one of these days so little time to write stories but after Tony’s leave all the footage is collected in a short video, the blog will be updated more regularly.   Sorry time too short at the moment but isn’t that typical for a retiree ?

Hasta luego amigos


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